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Wanted was f'ing amazing. Even better than Hancock.

I'm surprised no one has deleted me from their friend's list, yet.

What's new with me? Nothing, really...just living life, having some good times.

That's it.
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I should definitely be sleeping right now.

What a good night :)
And we are amazing at Rock Band, our band name is the "eccentric bees." Yeah, random. (I went out and bought it on Saturday).
I'm just having fun right now, and that's exactly what my life could use more of, fun.
I got the maroon enV 2, today, it is amazing. And, I now have texting. Yeah, 200 something later...I have $40 left in my account, sweeeet. Another monthly bill to pay. Guess I won't be buying anything in Boston, which we are leaving for on Thursday at like 5am. We're going there for my grandparents' anniversary...even though we all live here in Rochester (New York) and my aunt and uncle live in Colorado. We're going to Boston. Does that make sense? Nope, but whatever, atleast I'm going on vacation somewhere :D Plus, I've never been to Boston!

K, I'm going to bed now since it's 1:30 and I gotta get up at 8:15 for work. Whoohoo.
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I'm so addicted to all the things you do When you're goin down on me in between the sheets...

I just wanted to say that I am doing ex-cell-ent.
I'm going to get a new user name, though, this one is just in the past, now.

Work is moving me to the pharmacy and I am freakin pscyhed!!!! :D
More hours! And less of a shitty job, more of a "real" job.

Last weekend was crazy fun times...

That is all I will say.

Oh, ps one more thing, I got my monster eyebrows waxed yesterday and they look way better.
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