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i_willholdon's Journal

life in slow motion
I'm Brittany.
But call me Britt. I'm twenty one years old. One thing that I'm very passionate about is photography. The world is a beautiful place. I love music. I could spend all day in the car as long as I have music. I'm pretty outspoken. I'm a loud mouth with nothing to say. I'm sarcastic. It takes me forever to tell a story. I am the most random person ever. I do the silliest things for no reason. I drink my milk with ice cubes. I laugh at the lamest things, and I'm a sucker for corny jokes. I'm always laughing. I love making people smile and laugh. I'm so clumsy, I trip over things and sometimes rip my pants, probably too often, haha. One of my biggest pet peeves ever is when a person chews with their mouth open. E.T. scares the heck out of me. I'm not a fan of getting drunk or doing drugs. I just don't like to see my friends & family in that sort of state. Sometimes I make things very awkward.